Matt Lauer fired from NBC’s ‘Today’ for sexual misconduct

Image: Matt Lauer on TODAY

Courtesy: Today Show/ NBC News

Okay……… What’s Happening Here??????????

In what continues to be a whirlwind situation  that started in Hollywood before swimming its way into congress and onto the news media, “The Today Show” announced this morning that NBC has fired longtime anchor, Matt Lauer, for inappropriate sexual behavior.

“The Today Show” started out this morning first thing with Savannah Gutherie and Hoda Kotb announcing they were heartbroken to learn just moments before going on-the-air via a memo from NBC News Chairman, Andrew Lack, that NBC received a detailed memo Monday night from a colleague that Matt Lauer behaved inappropriately toward the accuser.

Even though this was the only complaint ever filed against Matt Lauer in his nearly 21 years of hosting “The Today Show”, Lack believes this was not an isolated incident, and that NBC’s highest priority as an employer is to “create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected, and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values are met with consequences, no matter who the offender”.

Both Savannah and Hoda could barely express words to explain the new revelations they learned about their now former colleague, Matt Lauer, Savannah, with Hoda acting as a strong support system for Savannah at that very moment, says in all her heartbrokenness for Matt, and the colleague accusing Matt, Savannah could only ask how do you reconcile your love for someone who’s behaved badly, and Savannah said she did not know the answer to that.

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