Lauren Conrad and the 5 engagement rings of all time



Make That Special Moment Last Forever

Today, Lauren Conrad and her team take a moment to ring the wedding bells again, discovering 5 engagement ring trends that will stand the test of time, because if you’re spending the rest of your life with your man or woman, then the stone’s gotta stand out.

With help from James Allen, Lauren starts out with the classic three stone setting, which is a classic in itself, and it’s not because of Meagan Markle, rose gold is the latest metal to get inducted into the forever status, it’s a simple setting, and a great style statement.

Royal weddings are becoming a common thing nowadays, and because of it, we have colored gemstones offering a pop of color, turn to the halos for halo settings as this function makes stone appear bigger, and then there’s the classic oval cut diamond where it’s fashionable, yet timeless.

Pastel Gift Wrap In 2

The Lauren Conrad team today got their gift wrap in check with a holiday special, pretty pastel gift wrap in two ways, one being layered tissue paper gift wrap consisting of tissue paper in desired colors, colored ribbons, wrapping paper, tape, and scissors to carve it out.

The next pastel gift wrap is confetti cellophane gift wrap which happens to come with butcher paper and ribbon in your choice of colored confetti or loose glitter, and don’t forget to add a sweet ornament on top from LC Lauren Conrad, which makes everything sweet all around.

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