Lauren Conrad’s inspiring New Year’s Eve outfits



How Does 2018 Look On You?

If you’re amongst the Hollywood elite, the political elite, or just average joe who thought everyone else’s bad year somehow rubbed off on you, then it’s no wonder this particular New Year’s Eve could be the biggest in years, and also the coldest, so Lauren Conrad and friends Wednesday have looks that want to ensure you look stunning in hopes of a better year.

A few notables include the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Layered Tulle Midi Dress subtle sparkle, along with the strong feminine and flowy aspects one could expect from a dress.

Multi-colored sparkle rains down from Times Square with by the way and their Zoe Sequin Midi Dress, you’ll also fall in love with the Flounce Flare-Leg Jumpsuit enriched with silhouette and chic ruffles, and from Free People, it’s their Halle Sequin Midi Dress with the velvet bow and all the attraction it gives.

A Bride Needs Resolutions Too

If you’re getting married at anytime during 2018 while you’re hoping it will be a good year too, then Wednesday’s bridal resolutions include creating a paper suite that maps out the entire plan of your wedding, register with Zola, solid skincare routine, get in shape, and keep calm while you’re planning the wedding.

2017’s Best From

It may have not been a good year for some, but at least some good came out of Lauren Conrad’s Tuesday Ten on Tuesday when Team LC had their greatest blogs from the year, ranging from all things baby Liam, 30 day ab challenge, wardrobe staples for when you turn 30, and getting rid of dark circles in a week.

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