Lauren Conrad’s New Year’s Eve party crostinis



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Lauren Conrad got the world one step closer to New Year’s Eve today with a recipe box favorite at any party you’re throwing to ring in 2018, Lauren makes 3 kinds of crostini recipes which all serve as a scrumptous option along with your many wine and champagne options.

All it takes is one French baguette to cut up your bread into slices, first starting with sauteed spinach and artichoke, coming with garlic, chicpeas, olive oil, basil, and lemon to make this zesty finger food.

The next crostini is a white bean purée and garlic crostini that has thyme and butter assisted with it for tons of flavor, that sounds like a good robust bite with wine.

And our final crostini gets in touch with its Italian roots, this is a spicy turkey sausage, cherry tomato, and basil crostini,   now this is something you can have after 3 or 4 glasses of champagne.

Daniel Quintanilla

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