Lauren Conrad makes her 2018 New Year’s resolution



Your Single Committment For 2018

Yes, 2018’s arrival has finally taken place, so it’s safe to say that 2017 is gone, Lauren Conrad today on New Year’s Day put in stone her one single resolution for the new year, and it’s nothing too crazy, but it’s something so very significant.

Lauren starts her New Year’s resolution by focusing on the positive intentions that are practiced, and that turns out to be embracing the chaos that having a child has brought into Lauren’s life, accepting that days are planned around naps, every room has one toy on the floor, and that one cup of coffee is not enough.

In all the 6 months that Liam has since been born, Lauren Conrad has been taught many valuable life lessons from her newborn son, and Lauren looks forward to everything else that is motherhood in this new year of 2018.

The Last Goodies Of 2017

Lauren Conrad had one last Friday Favorites under her belt for the year that had just gone out, it’s a few good New Year’s Eve ideas like sparkling parties, wonderful dresses, cupcakes, high heels, and confetti poppers.

And with The Edit, team LC had party dresses, scallop handbags, and velvet slide flats.

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