Lauren Conrad reveals the first styles of 2018



Winter Is Filled With Solid Style

It’s certainly more than cold enough out for winter to prove its mettle, today’s more than a better day than any other time for Lauren Conrad and her Tuesday Ten to have all the January Style Tips one would ever want to kick off the new year.

There are tons of pretty pastels to go around, especially in beanies, sweaters, and coat combinations, faux fur stoles have become the raging new scarves to have on one’s neck, a pop of color on an outfit filled with only neutrals, feather skirts with a military look and shades of blue found on sweater with jeans and booties.

Fashion’s also head to toe with fiddler caps with a strong yet feminine outfit, another shot of faux fur found on heavy coats to frigid days like we got now, monochromatic looks of gray far ahead, shearling moto jackets, and embellished faux fur denim jacket.

Now Let’s Kick Off January

Lauren Conrad looks ahead to the new month, as well as the new year in Letter From Lauren today, emphasizing this January is about health and wellness, five resolutions you’ll actually keep, and positive affirmations in your everyday life.

Since most moms are strapped in the house all the time with the kids, Lauren says they’ll be gym quality workouts that can be done at home, workout routines that transformed bodies, and 10 healthy habits one can start on today that will last all throughout the entire time of 2018.

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