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New Cryptic Words Conceived On The Upside

Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Alison Norton, elaborated today on a new and unusual approach to creating a password, take positive affirmations one comes acrosses in life, and make new hard words out of them using the usual computer symbols with numbers and letters.

After reading an article, and creating a practice of her own, Allison concocted this practice for passwords, with phrases such as “Think Positively”, “Kill Them With Kindness”, “Think It Through”, “Do My Best”, and “You’ve Got This”, creating passwords like “Th8thr&h” as a fine example out of such kindness.

Now, if one wants to create more positive passwords out of “Quit Smoking/ Caffeine/ Drinking/ Swearing”, “Stronger every day”, “Strive toward happiness”, and “I am perfect how I am”, then one will have a good time making cryptic words out of those phrases, making it impossible for one to negative affect one’s accounts.

A Quality Gym Workout…. At Home

New mothers like Lauren Conrad can relate to how a new baby in the house can keep them from leaving home to get a good workout at the gym, so Lauren today has 5 pieces of gear you will need to get in gym quality shape.

Start with the cardio activity using a jump rope to get the heart rate up, as well as tone legs and glutes, then get a resistance band to do curls for every part of your body, bosu balls to weight lift and engage your core, free weights to build up your muscles, and a foam roller to loosen up your muscles.

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