Lauren Conrad’s resolutions for hair and skin



Resolove To Better You

Today, there are more New Year’s resolutions from Lauren Conrad, but they are not the type of resolutions you’re thinking of, these are promises, and pledges to better the most important beauty aspects on your body, which are your hair, and yes, your skin.

First things first, clean up your makeup brushes every week, because you’re putting on double the makeup if you’re not consistent with it due to build up, silk pillowcases have been said to smooth your hair and reduce sleep creases, and vitamins like biotin, omega-3, and vitamin A do justice for hair, skin, and aging.

Hydration, it’s the holy grail of everything that’s good health, especially for better hair and skin, it starts with drinking more water to flush out toxins, increase skin elasticity, and make hair more radiant, and modify your pantry into something that’s not giving you thinning hair and acne, remove all the sugars, startches, and flours in your home.

What Made You Transform?

Lauren Conrad’s ladies today talk about the workout routines that turn their bodies into something amazing, trying out all types of health trends, neighborhood workout studios, anything that will transform muscles and physique.

Rachel Rosenbloom relies on sweat garage that’s treadmill and floor exercise along with hot yoga for flexibility, Ilana Saul goes to reformer pilates for alignment, and tighter butt and thighs, Jessi Burrone does an intense bikini body guide, Tessa Scott’s goto is Orangetheory Fitness to get the hardcore training she needs, and Allison Norton relies on Soul Cycle because of it’s intense cardiovascular spin class providing endurance, stamina, and muscle too.

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