75th Annual Golden Globes: Jeannie Mai wore an Uel Camilo gown and Harry Kotlar diamonds

75983844490ac6903896ab037c4ef25e4fd90a1cCourtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Black Like #MeToo

Jeannie Mai wore an Uel Camilo gown and Harry Kotlar diamond ear clusters to the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday evening in Beverly Hills, California.

One should know by now what the Golden Globes are, they’re primarily a precursor to The Oscars where we get a good idea of what movies and talent are going to be nominated.

However, this year, the Golden Globes of 2018 bring a new meaning, and a new look on the ladies (and men too), a theme of black on every gown that’s donned by the ladies, it’s all part of the #MeToo movement, taking a stand against sexual harassment.

Though, Jeannie Mai is not one of those dear (or lost) souls who came out about being sexually harassed, Jeannie had her own sense of style at least with her gorgeous dress and diamonds that make Miss Jeannie gorgeous all around.

Brazilian sensuality meets Italian elegance, this combination is the distinctive trademark of the Uel Camilo fashion brand.

Through a blend of classical elements and chic style, Uel Camilo has created a high-end fashion line that stands out for its extreme sensitivity, and is based on exclusivity and glamour, ridding it of all excess and making it all the more precious.

Spanning six decades of beauty, art and perfection, Harry Kotlar is recognized as the premier source for the highest quality diamonds.

Founded in 1948, Harry Kotlar began his career as a diamond dealer and supplier.

With a natural charisma for business and a great appreciation for cut stones, Kotlar’s business began to flourish, quickly securing his legacy in the world of luxury.

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