Whimsey Rose curates one’s own style at UBM MODA

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Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

For The Whimsical In You

Whimsey Rose showed off its latest spring/ summer 2018 collection today here in New York City at UBM Fashion’s final separate Women’s trade show, consisting of an array of areas, which include MODA, where Whimsey Rose sets up its camp.

Whimsey Rose is a ladies print driven brand that’s made here in the United States of America, made to order down to the piece, where they let customers design 800 different prints to 20 different styles, where combinations run into the thousands, so store/ boutique owners can put together collections that suit their customers, picking from a wide range of prints.

Since Whimsey Rose is domestic, Whimsey Rose makes it possible to turn around a collection within a couple of weeks, so each store can truly curate their own collection, and cater to their female consumer in a pretty creative way.

Whimsey Rose is endless versatility, catering to different styles that might fit a certain demographic, where there’s endless choice, Whimsey Rose seeks out print artists from the U.S. and international circuit, taking their artwork into digitalization converting it into one-off prints specific to the garments, and specific to the customer’s orders.

Since Whimsey Rose has thousands of potential combinations, Whimsey Rose is a very long-tail in the internet vernacular of things because there is so much choice, and their best sellers is always the color of blue, whether it’s in a geographic motif, or in a preppy motif, a floral motif, or other blues that are in the abstract or the artistic, it’s really about what consumers or store owners are looking for, where subject matter can very from photo realistic or hand-painted artwork in a wide range of color palette or color mixtures.

What’s unique about Whimsey Rose is that they are more real time as opposed to a structured seasonal collection, where it’s stated in black and white that this is what’s hot and coming for a particular season, Whimsey Rose operates pending for example on what the weather is like down in Miami, Florida, Whimsey Rose can set up a situation where Miami is ready for spring prints now given how the weather’s reacting, Miami can go without a season of colorful prints because of weather, given Whimsey Rose the ability of an endless season of producing on-demand based on the want of given prints.

And if there happens to be a cold snap like there’s been here on the Northeastern part of the United States, then this part is only wanting neutrals instead of the usual spring fare, Whimsey Rose operates on appetite at given moment, or a forecast of what’s happening four months from now determining buys a retailer wants for its consumers.

Whimsey Rose has the ball in its court, where their ability to respond to what’s happening outside gives them the absolute success needed to be loved by the public, and Whimsey Rose produces fine prints already from artists with a careful eye that gives them success.

Daniel Quintanilla

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