Lauren Conrad’s been to Paris, sharing healthy habits to start now

26300375_398063627296914_799515085637681152_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Always Take Whatever Your Talent Gives You

Remember a time back in 2006 when a little show on MTV called “The Hills” ruled the world, and there was one action of Lauren Conrad choosing not to go to Paris because of her boyfriend, well that spoke volumes around Teen Vogue, where Lauren became the girl who didn’t go to Paris.

Well fast-forward to last Friday, Lauren decided to celebrate baby Liam’s exact half-birthday on Instagram, holding Liam in her hands while sporting a shirt clearly made for her saying “I’ve Been To Paris”.

For those that don’t remember anything after Lauren’s Paris rejection, or still were not born yet back in 2006, Lauren once again was offered to Paris in November 2007, and Lauren this time accepted, and went (albeit during Thanksgiving).

Get Healthy Now

Getting back to the day-to-day business of the present, Lauren Conrad today brings home to you the Tuesday Ten, a list filled with healthy habits that you can start at this very moment.

Start with the practice of straightening out your posture which you’ll body will love over time, drink apple cider vinegar to reep all health benefits out there, get a message or facial more often, drink green tea instead of coffee, hot lemon and water every morning, take the stairs, bring athletic shoes to work, add SPF, meditate for 10 minutes, and stretch every morning.

Organize Your Closet

Lauren Conrad returns once again today reaching out to those fashion girls out there who need to clean out their closet like yesterday, to avoid being deemed out of date.

Three things, access first for example when the last time you wore a particular dress so you can make the call on whether you still need it or not, figure out also if some of your clothes reflect your current or evolving style, and do a search of charities that are in need of clothes you decide not to keep.

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