Lauren Conrad and wardrobe risk of 2018


Risks That Give You More

Lauren Conrad and her gang today talked about something they usually never get into, risks, not risk about investing (though you should get some cryptocurrency while you can), but risk of  fashion, especially since this is a brand-new year with plenty of new beginnings.

It all came down to a simple little quiz broken down into A, B, C, and D answers, which define one person’s current methods, and what needs to be changed about them, A’s need to minimalize themselves, doing a major closet clean out, and investing in a few evergreen pieces.

For the B’s, it doesn’t hurt to have a pop of color in the land of neutrals you live in, C’s need to consider a little basics in their drive for trendy pieces, and D’s must stop playing it safe and add a few or more fun pieces into their wardrobe.

Pre-Baby Is Busy Too

Yes, we know that when the baby is born, one mother and father cannot be seen by the public for at least a year or two, but the activities before the baby arrives can be pretty hectic too, so it’s a good idea to have meals that just need pre-heat.

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul found casseroles free of processed sugars and salts, but instead had fresh veggies and lean meats baked in them, homemade soups and stews help a great deal with pre and post baby, you also have options of wholesome smoothies, muffins, energy bites, and protein porridge to get mama-to-be and post-partum mama on her feet.

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