Lauren Conrad seeks care for combination skin



All Symptoms On The Face

The Lauren Conrad team today once again got into proper skin care of the face, reaching out to those that do not just suffer from oily, dry, or normal skin, but those people that have a combination face with a variety of factors.

Combination skin are certain areas of your face tend that are either dry or oily than other parts of the skin, so first find a gentle face cleanser to wash twice a day that won’t strip moisture or leave it tight and dry, and exfoliate your skin at night twice a week to eliminate dead skin.

Next, moisturizer must be done for oiler skin with a shine control, and richer creams for dryer skin, and there’s one more important step you must take in your combination skin care routine, apply SPF to protect against the sun, even for an overcast day.

Go Help Yourself

Team LC today struck again with their favorite self-help products that are books and podcasts, self-help should not be considered a stigma or a sign of weakness, it’s just getting an uplift of powerful words, statements, and ideas after being drained emotionally and physically in all directions.

One will be amazed by the amazing array of freeing and inspiring books that Team LC has to offer, it all comes down to eliminating the negativeness, celebrating the positiveness in your life, realizing the incredible power one has they never knew the did, and being a minimalist that eliminates the excess in your life.

Daniel Quintanilla

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