Lauren Conrad and sticking to healthy eating goals



Don’t Blame The Food

Lauren Conrad gave her blog Wednesday to Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD, who came up with 3 unusual ways to get over those moments in our life where we fall off the wagon about our eating, and need to take a step back to move forward.

Start by analyzing those important times that are good or bad and see where you went wrong with your eating, so you know for next time how to deal with the food choices you make whenever there’s a challenging situation, and you can go ahead and plan for it now.

Next, get into cognitive thinking where you take what you ate that got you off your regiment, and turn it into constructive thoughts, and come up with plans for if this happens or when this happens, you’ll know to leave a little wiggle room for eating off course next time.

Potato Chips: Sweet

Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton on Wednesday once again opened the recipe box for crispy sage sweet potato crisps, crisps that are like no other sweep potato chip that’s been sweeping the market as of the last 5 years or more, you get to taste these spuds, diet or not.

The secret to making sweet potato crisps so good are as simple as cornstarch, grated parmesan cheese, avocado oil, fresh sage leaves, and salt and pepper to taste, it’s the combination of these ingredients on this fine vegetable are what make the laborious effort worth saving your appetite for.

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