Lauren Conrad’s baby learns to play the guitar

28763830_2016262942029639_6185876431029927936_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

It Runs In The Family

Lauren Conrad taught us today on Instagram that there may not be a trait her baby son, Liam James Tell, picks up from his mother, but possibly from daddy, William Tell, who previously was in the band “Something Corporate” before becoming a lawyer, playing with the guitar.

There, Liam is fiddling his tiny baby hands on what could be daddy William’s guitar trying to play a beat of his own, developing his own rhythm, learning the early stages and steps on how music works, and what makes a good song so to speak.

Maybe mommy, Lauren, should be a tad concerned that her baby son might not want to take up her mother’s profession of businesses, books, and fashion, then again there’s hope if Lauren decides to have another child down the line hoping that a girl will follow in her mother’s footsteps.



Don’t Regret Your Fashion

Lauren Conrad today created a shopping list of pieces to invest in that won’t make you flinch years from now like classic handbag, classic pumps, elegant strappy sandals, ballet flats, dainty everyday jewelry, trench coat, blazer, and the sexy and ever-popular little black dress.

Muffins Set On Ceramic

Lauren Conrad and her team today opened up the recipe box once again to make Earl Grey Blueberry Muffins, with help from Half Baked Harvest, and The Little Market so these muffins can be set on beautiful ceramic that’s a baking dish to make the muffins on.

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