Kristin Cavallari hits her brands hard on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

The Crunch Is On

In Sunday night’s next to last first season episode of “Very Cavallari”, it was all about taking care of business, at the worst possible time, Kristin Cavallari has to go to New York to promote her new cookbook, “True Roots”, while the Uncommon James store readies for grand opening.

Let’s go back to the last week of March, where Uncommon James and its store opened up in Nashville’s Gulph district, Kristin was very excited about the launch of this new property, while celebrating Uncommon James’s one year anniversary and instant success.

And at the same time in a mere 6 days, Kristin launches her new book, “True Roots” going on a mini-tour, making her first stop at Book Revue LI in Huntington, New York, signing her successful book for all of Kristin’s adoring fans, filled with yummy recipes that are healthy.

While Kristin is busy with all that, Kristin relies on her Uncommon James store team back at home in Nashville to get ready for the launch, pairing up with individuals who have experience with selling to ask any question they want for when the store launches, and finally opens to the public.

Kristin too has a message for those dear employees who work this launch of the Uncommon James store, anybody who does not measure up to Kristin Cavallari’s professional standards will immediately be out the door, everyone’s meddle will be tested as the days go by, and play out in the season finale.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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