Lauren Conrad rounds up favorite face makeups

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What’s Gonna Make Me Look Pretty Today?

On Tuesday, Lauren Conrad and her crew revealed a Tuesday Ten filled with makeup that does the job for them when it comes to their face, bringing out the beautiful in not only Lauren, but in the ladies surrounding Lauren.

Lauren starts out with Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation that’s great for being lightweight, even coverage, safe, and nontoxic, making Lauren use it for the last few years, too there’s Smashbox Spotlight Palette that’s good for its shades, subtle tone, versatility, and radiance that pours out on Tessa Scott’s cheekbones.



A Creative Work Dress

Lauren Conrad today revealed a new style guide filled with a fashion girl’s guide to a creative casual dress code that contains denim of dark washes, black, and clean white coming in various pieces, button-down shirts with slacks, tights, leggings, skirt, or dress, mules, and classic handbags.

Green: This Is The Last Straw

The going green challenge continued Tuesday with the people of Lauren Conrad, encouraging reduced plastic straw use, and instead order a drink without a straw, or straw lovers can use a paper straw instead, or just buy a reusable forever straw.

Green: Break It Down

Today’s green week went on with educating the public about biodegradable items, which can be broken down and decomposed by bacteria when entering the trash, flushed down the toilet, and end up at the landfill, they’re available in kitchen, bath, pet, and baby items that say are good for the earth.

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