Spencer Pratt schooled on parenting by baby Gunner Pratt

30085035_188313228631761_3386154136016781312_nCourtesy: Heidi Pratt Instagram

We’ll Get Better As We Learn It

Spencer Pratt told People on Wednesday that he’s changed as a person since baby Gunner Pratt was born, it has humbled Spencer to a point where Spencer has done something he’s never practiced before, and that is patience.

Patience being one incident where gunner peed on Spencer, and the pee was so hot that it freaked Spencer out, and had to run and change, but Spencer says he’s learned to deal with it better now that he’s gone through it, and is freaking out less often than ever before.

Spencer also reveals that he sees Gunner as the sweetest baby out there because Heidi’s sweet, Spencer says he would’ve been a grumpy baby, but then again, Spencer overall says we were all babies when we were first born, even enemies of Spencer Pratt started out as babies before growing up.

The only thing Spencer misses about his former life before Gunner came along is going out whenever he wanted, now Spencer and mommy, Heidi Montag got to plan around their infant, Gunner, who right now needs his parents to be present, and is just getting to know the world.

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