Ray Rivera’s ‘Duality’ comes to life in New York City

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Art Done In More Than Its Origins

Ray Rivera tonight here in New York City, New York presented its Duality collection in the upper east side of Manhattan at the Islamic Cultural Center showing off it’s beauty of abstract art in the simpliest way possible out of the norm.

Ray Rivera submerges himself into a surrealistic world provoking a reinterpretation of human beauty, internally questioning beliefs, stigmas and fears.

While creating awareness of gender discrimination, androgyny compliments the premise of human duality.

The artist strives to highlight human attributes such as the capacity to love, while allowing forgiveness.

Wild flower take significance, giving his work a very subtle touch with the lugubrious and compassionite undertone with several representations.

Lavender in the crown raises an effect of emotion and healing, growing sporadic and unexpectedly.

The Calla Lily is known as staples of rebirth, survival and livelines of youth.

Flowers are colors in the “flower heads” represent the royal energies and spiritual connectivity.

The nude bodies symbolize the essence of perfection in nature and solidarity while the draping resembles ancient standards of societal approach to sexuality, thus creating a consciousnesss and a holistic connection with the internal self.

In Rivera’s work, one can find great attention to detail and notacable oppusition of the true colors and brush strokes.

Bringing to life the nature in his paintings through a significant presence of floral installations, Alfresco Floral, the NY-based floral design studio, collaborated with Rivera to evoke moments of “Naturaleza”.

Though classic in character and contemporary in topic, Rivera excuses an intellectual thematic that redines social issues, barriers, and a constant personal introspection.

Daniel Quintanilla


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