XLLULLAN Fall/ Winter 2018 Opera Seria Collection Lookbook

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We Love The Dramatic

The “Opera Seria” Collection by Xllullan, true to its name, combines delicate, luxurious and simplistic components.

These factors can be seen from the use of transparency against the embroidered wool fabrics to the incorporation of Chinese sand-washed silk double sided with hickory and dreamy royal blue hues.

The introduction of metallic ocean wave patterns and beaded faux fur embroidery creates volume and dimension which creates a movement that follows the wearer.

Black and silver dyed fox fur trims will magnify the collection which is sourced from The North American Fur Auction.

Combining silk and intarsia knits for sweaters and dresses along with wool jacquard as the fabric for puffer jackets gives this collection functionality without losing fashionability.

Nature inspired flower and leaf patterns with raw edges, a variety of textured materials and novelty fabrics, brilliant and muted colors that progressively desaturate.

The designer label Xllullan (pronounced X-Lo͞o-Lan) features modern throwbacks as well as retro and edgy styles.

Luxury meets practicality in the designs utilizing Italian and French textiles.

Many of the artistic aspects of this brand are drawn from literature, film and visual arts. Nature, which is prominently featured is also matched against manufactured feel of metallic materials.

The head designer Xuanxuan Li (Xuan) was born and raised in Qingdao(Tsingtao), a coastal city in Shandong Province, China. She pursued her education and career in fashion in New York, while majoring in Fashion Design at Parsons and Visual Arts at Eugene Lang.

Commenting on her inspiration, she states “at the core of my creative vision lies the idea ‘craft meets fashion’.”

Her goal is to build a visual story around both fashionable and wearable art by using unconventional combinations of materials and innovative fabric treatment techniques.

Through the exploration of various fabric manipulations and handmade construction, she aims to create everything from organic textures to architectural silhouettes.

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