Lauren Conrad’s patriotic drink decor


Summer’s Almost Here

The Memorial Day holiday weekend kicks off in 3 days, which meansthe unofficial start of summer will finally arrive, so Lauren Conrad today got ready for the nice long hot season celebrating the country’s patriotism with do-it-yourself holiday drink decoration that not only pretty, but edible too.

Lauren first starts with the eye-popping things that are the drink stirrers made up of red, white, and/ or blue twine to be patriotic pom-pom swizzle sticks, you’ll also need scissors, a hot glue gun, and metallic tissue paper with simple instructions to make these colorful drink sticks seen a mile away.

Next, Lauren has the edible and tasty stuff that you can eat once melted, it’s the blueberry ice cubes, use fresh mixed berries, an ice cube tray to mold the ice any shape, edible star sparkles, and a little water, sparkling water, or your favorite drink to bring out the fun.

Lemonade, Not The Hard Way

To go with one’s patriotic drink stirrers and red, white, and blueberry ice cubes, Lauren Conrad’s crew today made some new lovely libations of healthy chia seed lemonade made by resident nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, while it’s poured in glassware from The Little Market.

Now this lemonade is not made the way your grandmother makes it, you start with lukewarm water, a quarter cup of chia seeds, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of tumeric, a pinch of black pepper, juice of six lemons, and 6 to 10 drops of organic stevia drops.

Daniel Quintanilla

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