Lauren Conrad and the importance of a jade roller



You’re So Jaded On Being Beautiful

Today, Lauren Conrad’s strong contributor, Allison Norton, went onto face the world with a very jaded approach, but it’s only confound to beauty, Allison’s found the jade roller, Chinese skincare that dates back to the 7th century, promising one’s face revolutionary beauty.

The jade roller is a one-sided and/ or two-sided Chinese beauty treatment that’s made of beautiful green jade or pink quartz, believed to have healing and protective properties for the skin, boosting blood circulation, reducing swelling, and allowing for deep penetration of skin products, you simply roll the big jade across your face and forehead, and the small jade if included in those hard to reach spots.

It’s best to roll the jade roller back and forth after you’ve washed your face, and applied skincare if applicable, Allison says it relaxes her a night before bed, and you can easily find it on

Summer Backdrops Make Me Feel Fine

With just one day (or just hours) from the unofficial start of summer, Lauren Conrad’s people today revealed new inspired ideas of summer tech backgrounds, all with spectaular hi-res options that are both suitable for a laptop/ desktop, or i-Phone.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking summer are oranges and Florida which have their very own background, then there are pineapples and pink together with pink representing flamingos, there’s also tile fan backgrounds reminding us of ways to keep cool, and zig zag which could represent the light colors of summer.

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