Kristin Cavallari says happy marriage exist outside Hollywood

32080644_368490640305518_5069625133858029568_nCourtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

The Surroundings Count

Kristin Cavallari confessed hard truth to Life & Style Wednesday that two can only achieve a happy marriage if they live one place and one place only, anywhere outside of Hollywood, California, because L.A. is a different world, that also comes with the paparazzi.

Kristin says living in a place like Nashville, Tennessee helps both Kristin and husband, Jay Cutler, work closer to having a happy marriage everyday, helping their relationship more and more, contrast to living in Hollywood where a marriage of any happiness of any kind is ten times harder to achieve.

Most Hollywood marriage we see everyday come undone in any form, and don’t last long, and before you know it, that happy Hollywood couple we thought was is getting a divorce, because the pressures inside Hollywood are too great, and most famous couples can’t live up to them, not even Brad and Angelina.

The Kid Indie Parade

Lauren Conrad’s Ilana Saul on Wednesday produced a new style guide made up of the best indie clothing brands for kids, because most brands that make and create kids clothing are independent, and they happen to make clothes with the best material possible.

Ilana looks to Little Moon Society, a brand by Haylie Duff and Jessica Frank using the softest lightweight cotton where it’s sourced, produced, and dyed in Los Angeles, and Minnow Swim by “Laguna Beach” alum, Morgan Smith, swimsuits embracing clean lines, sun-kissed color palettes, and purposeful details for pool and beach.

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