Lauren Conrad’s team on marathon training


Courtesy: Delphine Winter

Don’t Get Caught Dead Out There

Lauren Conrad and her wonderful team today got to their June shape up theme bringing us a runner’s guide to training for a marathon, with help from Delphine, who’s an avid runner, and has qualified three times for the Boston marathon.

Delphine begins first and foremost with adjusting your diet to eating whole foods rather than processed foods because your energy levels need to stay up if you’re running longer, and start adding miles each week to your run before entering an 18-week training program, allowing you to add mileage at a faster pace.

Delphine also says it’s good to train in a group because it’s better for your mental training so not only do others motivate you but you have a support system that can help when it’s difficult, find a nutrition system specifically for runners that fits right for you, choose between a handheld or belt water bottle, and seek your purpose on why you want to marathon.

Key Lime Pies In Miniature

Now, if you’re not training for a marathon, but want to make a good dessert in-between your healthy lifestyle, Lauren Conrad’s gang today present mini key lime pies with help from Lauren Lowstan.

Reboot Of ‘The Hills”????????

Us Weekly on Wednesday reported that they’ve talked to sources who’ve said that MTV’s considering reviving “The Hills” because the “Jersey Shore” revival’s been a huge success, but it will definitely be without Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth, while all other former cast members like the idea.

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