Mavi presents fall/ winter 2018 at the new UBM Pre-Coterie

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It’s The Little Things That Count

Mavi elaborated the details that are their denim collection today at what is the first-ever pre-coterie trade by UBM ever to take place over at the Javits Center here in New York City, a fix that’s 3.5 months after February coterie, and about 3.5 months before September coterie.

Mavi is premium denim brand that’s based out of Turkey, it’s been here in New York and the United States for about 20 years, finding its price point for it’s quality denim to retail from $98 to $148 in all major department stores and specialty stores around the world.

Besides Turkey being an ideal place that makes Mavi’s fabric the reason for good quality denim, Mavi owns and operates more than 300 stores across Europe, whereas Mavi in the U.S. operates as a wholesale driven company, taking pride in designing and manufacturing everything into a fully-intergrated system involving its cottons, patterns, and research development all performed in-house.

With the global brand and outstanding infrastructure that is Mavi, Mavi’s best known for its denim selection found in its jeans, jackets, and jean shorts, which Mavi refers to as high rises, super skinnies, mid and super high rises, skinnies, straight, and cropped, but Mavi’s best sellers are mid to high rises and super skinnies.

As important as the sizing is, what’s key to Mavi or any designer for that matter are details that lead one to buy Mavi’s denim in the first place, Mavi places strong emphasis on hardware like zippers, patterns at the pockets, cut out ankles and knees, metallic hardware, pearls on jacket breasts, and afghan around the pockets of denim shorts.

Overall, Mavi outstandingly strives for denim detail, providing a certain level of funk that keeps its customer base intact, Mavi will continue to offer hand treatments, raw edge, cut ends, knee slits, and fringe, and Mavi uses supersoft fabric for a beautiful soft and feel that also alots room for stretch.

Daniel Quintanilla


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