Wildfox expresses its fall/ winter 2018 at UBM Pre-Coterie

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Alice Is Everywhere

Wildfox told the world today about its true feelings of what it has on its mind in their fall/ winter 2018 collection here at UBM’s new Pre-Coterie show over at the Javits Center here in New York City, relieving anxiety in the 5 to 6 month gap between full-fat coterie shows.

Wildfox is a collection that thrives on being an “Alice In Wonderland” theme partaking itself in Los Angeles, California (where Wildfox is conceived), so it’s better to describe Wildfox as being an “Alice In Malibu” kind of thing, with bright colors, and Wildfox’s original tongue and cheek signage on its tops, drenched in psychedelic colors.

In all the prints consisting of signs “I Got It From My Mama”, “Eat Me”, “Dazed & Blazed”, and “My Dream Job Is Not Needing One”, Wildfox and its customer base always get a kick out of “Never Underestimate A Girl”.

Wildfox too stresses that its collection currently consist of a lot of prints, trying out new fabric composition in its standalone pieces, with funny F*** You gestures in the Queen Of Hearts, and Wildfox makes their entire collection in the place it was born also, Los Angeles, California, the good-ole U.S.A.

In this current-era of #MeToo, #TimesUp, and so forth, Wildfox stands to capitalize on the new enough is enough trend happening now with young girls (and guys alike), with its whitty humor, and signage speaking volumes to the naysayers and perpetrators of this ill world that we currently live in.

Daniel Quintanilla


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