Kristin Cavallari celebrates 5 years of marriage

34112728_191742344809167_6175871253174288384_nCourtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Just Keep Working At It

Kristin Cavallari announced a very important milestone today on her Instagram, proclaming that she and husband, Jay Cutler, are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, after getting married 5 years ago exactly at this time, while having previously broken up for a time before they got married.

Kristin described her post as being “Ohhh to be young, 5 years of marriage with him”, being married to an NFL football player is not entirely a piece of cake, but it seems like Kristin and Jay have found a way to make it work, they have 3 kids already.

In all the trials and tribulations of marriage, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler manage to celebrate together no less sharing a table together eating out with an array of candles lit around them to set the mood, plus glasses of wine and water alongside to celebrate the love.

“The Hills” Reunion According To Whitney Port

Whitney Port appeared on today’s edition of E! News’s “Daily Pop”, sharing her thoughts about a possible “Hills” reunion, Whitney concluded she hasn’t heard too much about it or any definite information from MTV, but it’s not a total “No” if Whitney did it.

Whitney did dismiss she wasn’t too keen on the idea of a “Hills” reunion being exactly like “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”, “Daily Pop” did help offering up storylines of their own on how it could be everyone meeting for playdates and first birthdays, but Whitney just saw it as just that time where they hung out in college.

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