Carve Designs defines women’s outerwear at UBM Pre-Coterie

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Not All Bikinis Are Alike

Carve Designs distinct itself immediately today by showing off their swimwear that’s more than just a swimsuit that you lay out on here at UBM’s new Pre-Coterie event, where’s its establishing itself as an appetizer to the full course after February and before September.

Carve Designs is one of the first swimwear lines to target the outdoor industry, but it’s crucial to separate the outdoor industry from the surf industry and the fashion industry, the outdoor industry are brands like The North Face, REI’s, and trade shows in Denver, Colorado specializing in outdoor apparel.

Carve Designs fills the gap for those women who love outdoor activities like biking, hiking, surfing, or swimming in the lake with outdoor swimwear, board shorts, hiking gear, crop tops, full on tops, etc.; because the outdoor apparel industry started out only attracting to men, and no one had catered to women in the outdoors.

Though Carve Designs do prints and florals just like any other swimwear line, but Carve Designs is an activewear line that’s not just a fashion swimwear line, it’s durable material also is UPF 50 that goes right up to the neck, which prevents sunburn.

Carve Designs is a supportive activewear line that’s made for the girl who bikes, hikes, swims, and does surfing, while it’s not a competitive line, Carve Designs supports the girl who likes to play volleyball on the beach, jump around acting goofy, and do whatever else the wilderness calls for.

Out of the Carve Designs, women just love the UPF sun shirt, where all coverage from neck to torso is vital, allowing for a flattering waistband to make room at the abs, the sun shirt also has neck zippers that allows for full coverage with long sleeves and shoulder pads, and in really soft fabric.

Carve Design’s newest thing this fall will be the expansion of resort-wear with coverup tops to wear over CD’s bikinis, and one-piece swimsuits with open back, short sleeves, and one-piece reversible swimsuits showing off other prints not the norm (as it was with fashion back in the day), catering to all body types.

Carve Design’s distinction pays off with its solid outdoor wear for the woman who doesn’t just want to lay on the beach all day, or be known as the Las Vegas pool girl looking pretty.

Daniel Quintanilla

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