Lauren Conrad passes along Father’s Day wishes to hubby

35288692_356246098234208_6331293724340912128_nCourtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Daddy Gets The Credit Too

Today is Father’s Day, and it’s extremely gratifying to see now the dads get the same love as mom’s do on Mother’s Day, so Lauren Conrad took advantage of that dad love and spread it to her husband, William James Tell.

It was all about William today, celebrating all the major contributions William has made in being a dad to him and Lauren’s nearly one year old boy, Liam James Tell, whom would have not entered this great world of ours if had it not been for William meeting Lauren 6 years ago.

This little photo Lauren parades around are of William gleefully teaching little one, Liam, how to walk, on a wet and sandy beach in front of the ocean waters of the Pacific right in the heart of California, Liam is all curious about where his feet go, and what Liam feels underneath.

In just about 2 and a half weeks from now, William and Lauren too of course will get to celebrate the beautiful life growing up fast by the day that is Liam James Tell as little Liam celebrates his first birthday on July 5, the day Liam was born.

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