Lauren Conrad’s people advice for pregnancy cravings and food aversions


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Making Pregnancy Beautiful For Real

Today, Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Ilana Saul, who’s dealt with pregnancy two times already, passes along valuable advice to those that are about to encounter morning sickness of whatever level, hankering of all types of food, and even avoiding foods they love normally.

Ilana relies on resident nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, who happens to be expecting first dispenses out cravings of all types, where the general rule is to have healthier versions of food if you crave carbs, fruit if it’s sweets, dark chocolate if it’s chocolate, cottage cheese for dairy, califlower and shrimp if soul food, but do these in individual portions instead of bulk to avoid bad habits now, and after pregnancy.

If you suddenly get sick to your stomach over the foods (even the healthy ones) you normally live otherwise, seek out alternatives so you still get your healthy doses in and try mixing them with alternative food.

Once you do have morning sickness, be sure of the level of morning sickness you’re suffering from, bad bouts involve a doctor, while mild ones only require Vitamin B6, any solution to morning sickness at any level still needs a doctor’s advice beforehand.

And when you’re in the 12th to 14th week of your pregnancy, check with yourself to see which level of health you are in, so you can go on to maintain a healthy lifestyle in terms of food and activity until you give birth.

Toting and Toweling

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