Lauren Conrad and the styles that make June worth while


Courtesy: Jess Ann Kirby

The Greatest Assets At Summer’s Dawn

Though it’s arrived later than it usually does, Lauren Conrad today make her Tuesday Ten about June’s finest styles to kick off the summer that’s only less than 2 days away, where the kids have deployed out of school, and beach trips begin.

Jess Kirby starts all the fun with a colorful one-piece swimsuit, backless at its finest, and wonderfully cut enough to be a ballet leg that saves the most important features to be objected, go red with a hot-hued color popping set of crop tops with culottes both red and hot pink.

Next up are florals on a maxi dress, candy stripes on blouses, straws and linens in a vacation look, button down dress reaching to the floor, peplums made adorable, wrap on a dress and top, jumpers especially for handbags and striped rompers, and white before Labor Day.

The Pink Rose Wine Party – At Lunch

You ever have one of those days where it feels extra special, special enough to throw a party, or even go out to the finest dine on any given afternoon and just down a good time?

Well today you’re in luck, enter Kate Martindale who plans a perfectly pink rose tasting lunchon with all the outdoor features, sans the typical formal set up, replacing it with a casual setting.

Lauren Conrad and her crew seek out to enjoy their favorite pink rose wine and/ or spirits of their choice, while savoring a vanilla coconut jam cake with pink coconut whipped cream, made possible by the Sweet Laurel bakery.

Daniel Quintanilla