Lindsey Vonn wore Hamel and Maxior at NHL Awards 2018

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The Slope Queen Emerges

Lindsey Vonn wore a Hamel dress and Maxior black diamond hoop earrings to the 2018 NHL Awards on Wednesday evening in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There’s not enough any winter olypmic enthusiast can gush over about how accomplished Lindsay Vonn is, becoming an olympic gold medalist in 2010 at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, podium spots on latter olympics including this year’s Winter games in PyeongChang, China, and world record-breaking moments both at the olympics and World Cup events throughout Lindsay Vonn’s 20 year career, Lindsay did note the most recent Winter Olympics she competed in would be her last.

Melina Harris created the fashion house, Hamel, with the intention of developing designs that would project and inspire eternal beauty for women wearing Hamel.

When this Belgrade based fashion designer began her career, her vision was to bring designs to life that would illuminate the female figure by focusing on the elegance of a woman’s shape and curves.

Comfort was essential.

Melina’s intent to design clothes that she herself could wear and as a frequent traveler, she made fabric selections on behalf of dresses that could be thrown into luggage and easily pulled out and worn to multiple event events.

Contemporary and connected with the zeitgeist, without sacrificing the classic values of fine jewelry, Maxior brings in its DNA the confidence of a jewelry group with over 30 years of tradition.

The brand’s mission is to translate the customer’s wishes in unique moments, providing achievements through new experiences to gift or purchase a jewel.

Daniel Quintanilla

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