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Blue, Bleu, & Blue

Today, Lauren Conrad and her Friday Favorites have gone on the blue path, but it’s not a bout with depression, it’s just the opposite, as Lauren’s finds include blue-colored selections, selections that are decorative, delicious, stylish, and festive according to however the mood you may be in.

Lauren starts out with a rustic party theme entrenched with blueberries on the cake, blue floral wallpaper, and some blue dishes to set the theme along the way, then there’s the blue ensembles of summer neutrals, not necessarily blue in the gents sense, but close to navy or midnight blue.

The next blue to observe sit very well with the blue that were use to, there are desktop wallpaper florals from the design house of Olive & Company, and don’t forget the Oriental rug like floor decoration that’s actually an overdyed floral print rug that celebrate the best of blue.

The Edit

If there’s no best way to kick off the summer, then it’s Lauren Conrad and friends with their weekly picks beginning with Lauren seeking out the Reformation Meredith Dress in its fine blue, brown, and orange florals and fit which Lauren wore recently to a friend’s wedding.

Next up on Lauren’s summer list of picks this week are Nisolo Isla slide sandal which Lauren declares as her new go-to shoe for this very moment, Lauren bought them in a neutral color because according to Lauren, neutral goes well with anything that you can pair it with.

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