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Showing Off My Girls

It’s definitely running season today and everyday of summer that’s to come through September 20th, and those humidifying temperatures outside right now are a perfect time to switch up to a sports bra, and Lauren Conrad inputs the type of bra top one’s chest needs.

Let’s start small (not an insult by all means) with a low impact sports bra as it supports girls and women who have a smaller bust and lighter activities like yoga, pilates, barre, and strength training, though bigger bust girls can wear low impact bras too, just don’t wear to run.

Take a step up with a medium impact sports bra not only for those femmes who have an A through C cup chests, but are good for keeping the busts under compression for activities like hiking, spin classes, strength training, and cardio, especially if you’re doing heavy running.

For those D cup bust ladies out there who find themselves lost in a pile of sports bras not right for them, your answer according to Lauren is a higher impact bra, higher impact sports bras combines compression to keep girls down, while providing thicker straps and underwire needed to get through workouts.

Star-Spangled Style

Lauren Conrad and crew today use their latest style guide so we can all find a little inspiration in dressing ourselves for the Fourth Of July holiday coming up, whether it’s stars and stripes, red, white, and blue balloon boat parties, or patriotic-type of accessories.

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