Lauren Conrad goes fruity with favorites



Savor It, Love It, & Swim In It

Summer’s finally here, a good marker of that were Lauren Conrad’s Friday Favorites today showing off what makes every summer we live so unforgettable, filled with color, lazy, hazy, and hot days, and tasty moments only found in those backyard barbecues.

Just by looking at the images alone, one cannot help or blame Lauren for showing off her peaches in the form of peach sorbet, it’s made with fresh peaches, raw honey, vanilla almond milk, and fresh lemon zest, it’s the best thing to have even after a long run, with a fresh glass of water.

The fruits march on as lemon, blueberries, pink grapefruit, and wild cherries inspire seasonal pastel hues for whatever project one may aspire to conquer, don’t forget a Mediterranean modern bathroom, a golden embroidered sundress apparently, and a video of a little kid reacting to tasting lemon for the first time.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and the ladies today are looking forward to July’s arrival with picks of the LC Lauren Conrad Bailee O-Ring Backpack, and the Ariel Gordon Signet Dog Tag Necklace, as well as The Little Market Wedding Gift Box, and a portrait of imperfect produce.

Daniel Quintanilla

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