Lauren Conrad beats the heat in July


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It’s Hot Alright

No doubt about that, it’s seriously hot outside, and why we’re complaining about it after a long hard winter is anyone’s guess, but Lauren Conrad on Monday went onto ring in July with a new theme that celebrates July at its finest, and its hottest.

This July, expect Lauren to bring us a sunnies trend guide, a sandals shopping list, food recipes, summer beauty hacks, pink flamingo-themed soirees, bee-themed first birthday parties, products that pull double duty, and a first look at Lauren’s brand-new LC Lauren Conrad July Collection, plus food recipes both healthy and indulgent.

July is no secret Lauren’s favorite month out of the entire year, simply because Lauren lives out in California, which makes Lauren a beach girl at the very heart, but it’s extra special for life now since Lauren’s son, Liam James Tell, will be turning one years old July 5th.


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Everything’s Homemade 🏡 But The Stick

On Monday, in honor of Independence Day tomorrow, Lauren Conrad’s unique food contributor, Claire Thomas, of The Kitchy Kitchen, made the Ultimate Summer S’mores with Homemade Flavored Marshmallows, coming in flavors no one would even imagine making s’mores out of.

But if you’re making a homemade marshmallow from scratch, one’s white hard fluff simply cannot be plain, especially if the marshmallow’s a smoked-flavored one from liquid smoke, or an orange whiskey s’more, and even a simple strawberry s’more, especially if the marshmallows are square with the graham cracker homemade, plus woven, trays, and linens are from The Little Market.

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