Kristin Cavallari wants no pit against Lauren Conrad

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Let’s Just Put It To Rest

Kristin Cavallari told the Elite Daily today that no one should expect a redeveloping of the infamous TV feud that Kristin got famous for, the feud Kristin got into with “Laguna Beach”/ “The Hills” patriarch, Lauren Conrad.

Kristin says straight out that people grow up and move on, and those clamoring for Kristin versus Lauren 2 point 0 need to move on as well, Kristin has completely moved on from that moment in time that once shined on the airwaves of MTV, and in the era that was 2004 to 2006.

For anyone to believe that Kristin still has a grudge with Lauren Conrad is silly says Kristin, it was only concocted by those who famously produced “Laguna Beach”, a way to get ratings, an amplification for television, but Kristin Cavallari had fun regardless, and wouldn’t been famous if it hadn’t happen.

The Comfy Bungalow

Lauren Conrad today with her crew got involved in a home makeover project, making over a bungalow before moving in completely, with help from Maritza from Beauty For Bloggers, it’s all about simple white paint with affordable fictional furniture to make for one’s bungalow nice and thrilling to live in.

Cheesecake Once Removed

Lauren Conrad with Royale from But First, Party, and Lauren from A Sweet Savory got together to create a vegan and gluten-free cheesecake, it’s made with fresh strawberries and basil first off, and made up of walnuts, cashews, maple syrup, vanilla, coconut butter and coconut oil, lemon, and full fat coconut milk.

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