Jay Cutler gunning for Kristin Cavallari’s role on ‘Very Cavallari’

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Breakout Star On The Rise?

We all know Jay Cutler for his storied career playing football in the NFL most famously for the Chicago Bears, but Kristin Cavallari revealed an apparent fact Friday to E!‘s “Daily Pop”, Jay is the breakout star of “Very Cavallari”.

With Jay’s dry sense of humor, Kristin says people get to see the real and very funny side of Jay, and there’s been nothing but a positive reaction from the people watching “Very Cavallari”, so Kristin has to put herself on notice that Jay is coming for her.

Surprisingly, Kristin says Jay was a real challenge to work with because has was not into filming at first, Jay would just give his one or two liners and be done with it, but now Jay’s ready to go and can’t wait for the filming of season two to begin.


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