MonFrere’s first PROJECT at new UBM Men’s & Women’s combined show

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There’s A First Time For Everything

Today marks a new day for UBM and its trade shows at the Javits Center here in New York City, the first time men’s and women’s join forces, conceiving a brand new show, and MonFrere making its debut on the trade floor since its inception in 2016.

MonFrere was founded by Steve Dann and Sean Rudes where it exclusively launched last year at Barney’s, and MonFrere can be found in specialty stores around the world as a super exclusive, MonFrere’s roots trace back to Sean’s father, where Sean got his feet wet working for his father’s company, JBrand Jeans until it got sold.

MonFrere is strictly a Japanese denim jeans collection that’s made out in Los Angeles, California, where its fall/ winter 2018 collection made its way to the UBM floor, their outselling item was the black velvet denim jeans strictly for Barney’s back in June.

MonFrere’s number one selling pairs of denim jeans are the grayson and noir that are the super skinny fit, MonFrere’s fabric has a major stretch to it, MonFrere’s fabric is exclusively spun and developed only for MonFrere, and nobody else can say they have a fabric like MonFrere.

MonFrere’s additional bright spot in its Japanese denim jeans collection are the bright colors on its pieces, no wild colors exist on this line, just straight up black, traditional  midnight blue jean standard, white, red, and even green.

Daniel plus Lauren personally praises the strictly size 30 options lined up on MonFrere’s floor today, dispensing delight to yours truly, and all other man of that size.

Daniel Quintanilla

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