Hamilton Perkins enters UBM PROJECT at joint men’s & women’s show

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Welcome To The New World

When wrapping up today of the first of 3 days involving the newly combined UBM men’s and women’s trade show at the Javits Center here in New York City, yours truly came across Hamilton Perkins with his very own Hamilton Perkins Collection for the UBM PROJECT.

Hamilton Perkins is based out of Norfolk, Virginia, making one of a kind bags made out of recycled material, using recycled water bottles, billboards, and pineapple skin, this is the first appearance for Hamilton Perkins here on the trade floor, but HP joins 3 of the many new collections Daniel plus Lauren has interviewed so far today coming on the New York scene for the first time, and part of this newly joint men and women’s experience.

The top seller for Hamilton Perkins is the backpack that’s not only the first picture on this fine piece, but a backpack fits well in the front and back of you, and appropriately sized for stuff you truly need to have on yourself, none of the excessive items one doesn’t need to have with them, all you need are keys, wallet, money, and miniature personal effects that will help you in the long run.

Another top item for Hamilton Perkins is the Earth Bag Premium that are 2 bags in one, acting as a backpack and a duffle bag with a 3-way zipper system that’s a smooth way to fit one’s stuff like a laptop sleeve, a passport pocket to make for a well-constructed bag.

There’s also reversible totes recycled out of American billboards on one side, and the canvas on another side recycled out of plastic water bottles that are from Haiti.

Hamilton Perkins still does the standard stand alone bags like the duffle bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, gym bags, ID wallets, travel wallets, mobile bags, wristlets, fanny packs, and so forth.

For the labor of love that is Hamilton Perkins, this fine down-to-Earth collection is made very close to home, manufactured in New Jersey which is not too far from New York City.

Hamilton Perkins is a straight up strong collection covering all the bare essentials that one needs to maneuver through life in the most efficient way, while keeping the conception close to home.

Daniel Quintanilla

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