Kristin Cavallari leans toward new house on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

Decisions, Decisions

In Sunday night’s episode of “Very Cavallari” on E!, Kristin Cavallari’s still not convinced by hubby, Jay Cutler, about leaving their current home to buy a new one, so Kristin goes along with Jay anyway to at least take a look at it.

After a very long drive out into the woods of Nashville, Tennessee, Kristin and Jay finally arrive at their destination, taking a walk through the prospective home Jay wants to buy for his loving family, Kristin is still in doubt over the home, and has to take it in.

Once completing the walk through of what could be Kristin and Jay’s new home, Kristin hates the fact that she’s falling in love with the house they just saw, Kristin ultimately makes a decision on home, asking if Jay wants to go ahead a buy it, then Kristin says yes.

Meanwhile at work, Brittainy and Shannon offer their friend, Taylor, a job at Uncommon James, but they have yet to tell Kristin about bringing a new addition on board, Kristin is side swiped about Brittainy and Shannon hiring people without telling her first, saying she’s not gonna hire someone because is their friend.

Other work related problems include Reagan and Shannon clashing at work about who Reagan listens to, Reagan claims that Kristin is her boss and her only boss, but Shannon reiterates Kristin saying that if anyone such as Shannon or Brittainy need something, then Reagan must do it.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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