TicWatch by Mobvoi rises above smart watches at UBM PROJECT

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Smart Watch Posing As A Traditional Watch

The TicWatch, a smart watch like no other one out there that’s familar to the buying public, displayed its super powerful and super strong smart watches at the Javits Center here in New York City at UBM’s PROJECT under the new Men’s and Women’s combined trade show that debuted today.

TicWatch by MobVoi (mobe-voy is how you say it) not only leads with the product name at trade shows, but Tic Watch is the most competitive smart watches at really competitive price points, like the TicWatch E that runs at $159, offering up GPS, heart rate, gyroscope, and compass.

And just recently, TicWatch unveiled the TicWatch Pro that has all the same features as the TicWatch E, but runs at $250 made up of heavier material, but the screen is the focal point with the TicWatch Pro because it operates on a duel mode, in an active mode showing time, heart rate, steps, etc., and passive mode showing time, date, heart rate, and a longer battery life that concludes at 90 percent at the end of the day.

TicWatch Pro also has capability to do Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as get steps you took throughout the day, as well as calories you burned in a single day which keeps you on track of you health, it also can track all different types of food you ate throughout the day, determining whether your day of eating was filled with progress, or not.

For MobVoi, the TicWatch E is the smart watch that is number one in the smart watches they sell, but the TicWatch Pro in its two-week life has sold extremely well so far, TicWatch’s focus is attracting the fashion crowd, keeping the traditional look of a watch intact while not going above the $250 price point.

Daniel Quintanilla

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