What inspires Lauren Conrad to create at LC Lauren Conrad?


Courtesy: Kohl’s

What Made That Blouse Possible?

Lauren Conrad today finally revealed where her ideas in creating a fresh collection like LC Lauren Conrad come from, with Lauren saying that in all the nine years that Lauren has been doing LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s, the ideas have not run dry.

Lauren begins with her environment, saying it’s where she come from and the city she lives in as the first step to making each and every individual collection, it’s all about Lauren’s California roots that make LC Kohl’s possible, despite travelling around the world, and cities like New York and the midwest.

Another big part of Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad inspiration is the west coast casual aesthetics, involving a transition from a day out at the beach to a dinner night out with friends, there’s also vintage clothing Lauren gets inspiration from giving them a modern twist, and it’s real women Lauren gets moved by, saying she won’t design anything she can’t wear herself.

POPPYjack In The Office

Lauren Conrad and team today give off their inspiration about how one can spruce up their home office by PoppyJack if they are working at home on a regular basis, giving off its own motivation.

Will “The Hills” Be Back?

People magazine announced on Friday that the former cast of MTV’s “The Hills” will be reuniting at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards on the red carpet for an exciting announcement, which could mean “The Hills” returning, even without their monarch, Lauren Conrad.

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