Kristin Cavallari finally births Uncommon James store on ‘Very Cavallari’

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The Conception Was Worth It

We’ve crossed the threshold of 8 episodes of “Very Cavallari” Sunday night on E!, as the season one finale celebrated the long-awaited opening of Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James store at the Gulph district in Nashville, but it wasn’t easy to launch.

It all started not only with an idea that Kristin had 7 years ago about a business like this, but with the launch party for the Uncommon James store Kristin and company had to celebrate, Kristin then thanks her staff for all their hard work behind the scenes to make this moment possible.

However, the launch day of the store starts out rough, with Kristin losing money on shipments that were only $5.95, and a broken link to home goods on the newsletter, Brittiany fixed the shipping problem now going by weight of items to boost revenue, but Shannon got it hard from K-Cav for the broken link in the e-mail newsletter, leading Shannon to tears.

After all the wrinkles were ironed out, Kristin’s launch day was more than a huge success, so good that Kristin gave Brittiany a huge promotion to run the home goods part of the company for Uncommon James.

Outside of business with Kristin and Uncommon James, a pregnant Taylor had a welcomed proposal of marriage from her boyfriend, Michael Monaco, Taylor was more than thrilled apparently, and the celebration of upcoming nuptials continued on with Taylor’s friend, Shannon, along with Shannon’s boyfriend, John Gurney, to close out “Very Cavallari” season one.

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