FTL Moda glams up the Museum of New York at New York Fashion Week


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Only The Best Will Do

On Sunday night, here in New York City on the upper east side, the Museum of New York with its stone, marble, and steel infrastructure only provided the best that New York Fashion Week had to offer, it was time for the semi-annual FTL Moda Runway Collection showcase.

In the prestigious setting that was the Museum of New York, FTL Moda had collections from Maarkah, Archana Kochhar, Bereshift, Fllumae, and the Commune Bosnun Capsule,  each runway show had its own elegance to say the lease if one was lucky enough to be present at the upper crust of the fashion industry, filled with delicate fashions and sparkling gowns.

Involved in the September FTL Moda were Maarkah, who’s an organization that focuses on bringing together the world’s most influential modesty garment designers, then there’s Archana Kochhar who’s not only the number one fashion designer in India, but her elegance illustrates fusion of cultures using a black and white color palette, Archana’s class and versatility allow her to remain a key reference for contempory styles in respect of her cultural background.

Bereshift also came forward with their spring/ summer version of the internationally beloved capsule that stole the scene this past February with their celebrity inspired Italian streetwear lable that promises to energize New Yorkers.

The FTL Moda show tonight also featured Fllumae who continues its escalation towards the accolades and rewards of the most challenging markets that are their modest concept line focusing more and more on comfort-chic, with a touch of unique class that aimes to lead the world of modesty toward an example of joy, respect, commitment, and love.

Don’t forget the Commune Bonum Capsule that’s cultivated by FTL Mode itself where it’s a tribute to energy, style, elegance, and sporty life, it’s also accompanied by Sketchers that serve to cross between September and February collections, Commune Bonum Capsule is high quality manufacturing, cosmopolitan vision, strong knowledge of the industry to dress women and men who work at fast pace without forgetting the values of life.

For the Museum of New York, the spiraling staircases and elegance features create the perfect palette for showcasing both contemporary and classic designer styles, such versatile design in a building like MNY are not classically designed to fit the changing culture that is our fashion industry, as well as make a home for the past according to Daniel plus Lauren.

Daniel Quintanilla

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