Christopher Lowman’s ‘Glorious Olympics’ SS19 at New York Fashion Week

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The 80’s Olympics Spirit Is Reignited

Out in the rainy depths of lower Manhattan’s SoHo within Jimmy at the James Hotel Sunday in New York City, Christopher Lowman introduced in a fashion presentation a “Glorious Olympics” spring/ summer 2019 line New York Fashion Week, celebrating the fighting United States of America.

Triumphantly titled “The Glorious Olympics”, Lowman’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection takes inspiration from the 1980’s Summer Olympics.

Fusing street style with luxury fabrics in bold colors and patterns, The Glorious Olympics revamps looks from the official Olympics opening ceremonies of that decade, re-imagining it for the modern age by merging sophisticated, clean lines and silhouettes with a touch of edge.

And featuring lambskin leathers mixed with neoprene, mixed media cow hides, golden tricot nylons, pullover’s, tracksuit; all in unique shapes and textures.

To help realize Lowman’s vision of a collection that epitomizes a Glorious Olympics ceremony full of pride, patriotism, and ambition, the young designer has galvanized a noteworthy contingent of partners including famous footwear brand Dr. Martens(style:The Dante Venice), jewelry brand Currency NY, Unite Hair-care, Aveda, Mathew Curtis, Yukie Natorie, and some of the brightest and striking young models in the industry from agencies including 3BBM, Twenty Eight, Krush Model Management, EMS, and Vera Von.

Not least, the presentation will also feature additional partners for the Christopher Lowman Spring/Summer 2019 Glorious Olympics Presentation include: G Brand Management, Terry Doe, Seventh House PR, MDRN DSGN Intelligent Living, and

And if you’re one who cannot get over the perfect 10 that Mary Lou Retton gave at 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California, then Christopher Lowman and his “Glorious Olympics” collection will spark that inspiration ten-fold.

Daniel Quintanilla

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