Lauren Conrad gets personal with the pumpkin



The Pumpkin Is You

Lauren Conrad continues to keep the train of pumpkin mania going today with yet another pumpkin story to celebrate Halloween and the best that is fall, Lauren decides to make the pumpkin her own by personalizing the pumpkin in the most effortless way yet.

Now imagine, you want to decorate a pumpkin, but you don’t wanna drown it with paint, or make it too messy, so instead of cutting, carving, scooping, or even mock-tiling your pumpkin, Lauren says all you need are as many pumpkins needed that stay untouched, with acrylic paint and thin paintbrushes.

The whole idea of personalized pumpkins here are to spell out your last name, telling those passing by who admire your fall/ Halloween decorations that you and your clan of husband, wife, kids, pets, and so forth live here in your beautiful surroundings, and this is who you are.

Each pumpkin spells out one letter at a time of your last name, so if Lauren and husband, William Tell, spell out T-E-L-L, then 4 pumpkins are needed at Lauren’s household, good thing it’s not 11 pumpkins spelling out Q-U-I-N-T-A-N-I-L-L-A, Daniel plus Lauren would just spell out D-A-N-I-E-L to reduce the workload.

No matter what you choose to spell out and display on your pumpkins, it’s best that each letter stays in a straight line if you want to connect the next letter spelling out your name, it’s the best way to keep in practice with your skills of utilizing cursive writing.

Daniel Quintanilla


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