Lauren Conrad’s building a ring stack



Can’t Just Put One Ring On It

When you buy a ring, not only are you very excited about it, it’s almost instantaneous that you put it on your finger right before the purchase goes through, but it’s not one ring waiting for you, it’s many rings on your finger over time, if not at once, Lauren Conrad’s Tessa Scott today feeds her ring obsession by building the perfect ring stack.

Tessa starts out by establishing ways to style your rings the right way like mixing and matching metals by picking a dominant color to go with your main and additional pieces,  leave a least one finger without a ring to avoid excess too quick while keeping rings and hands balanced, balance also plays a major key role in the weight of a ring, mix heavy metals with light metals so either the hand’s not weight down, or barely holding anything.

Here comes the part where you get to pick the rings to build your perfect ring stack, statement rings are easy to spot because of what they have to say along with their bold style, midi rings make themselves right at home at the middle finger with their tiny perfect elegance.

Next up are the eternity rings that are coined as the dreamiest part of any ring stack, especially if it’s a diamond eternity ring you have, and stacking rings are great to make the stack complete that comes in pure solid gold bands or affordable stacks if one wants fun in their lives.

Daniel Quintanilla

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