Lauren Conrad handpicks loungewear beyond LC Lauren Conrad



Let’s Do Lounge

It’s finally breaking in this late part of October on the east coast, the weather that is to fall appropriate climate, that’s why Lauren Conrad took the opportunity today to celebrate not only her weekend collection from LC Lauren Conrad, but loungewear from many other designers.

Lauren warms up with her own by LC Lauren Conrad offering up the Drawstring Crop Sweatshirt that’s a silhouette colored in white oak, sea smoke, or desert mauve, there’s also the cozy Saturday/ Sunday Whisler Waffle Pullover being a pastel of light blue hue that can be worn all-year-round.

Lauren taps into the LC Lauren Conrad reserve once again with a striped flare-tee sleeve that’s not only lived in by Lauren, but makes a statement, the Wildfox Couture Dog Person Monte Crop Sweatshirt is a pink thermal knit pullover Lauren’s dogs will love, you’ll also love LNA’s Leopard Brushed Fleece Sweatpants fitting right into nightlife.



Lauren makes a delightful discovery with loungewear, Lauren’s found a maxi dress type piece that Splendid Ribbed Maxi Dress stretching beyond sweats, Lauren did try to find a perfect pair of jogger bottoms that didn’t feel frumpy, Lauren failed, so she designed her own with the LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Drawstring Jogger Pants.

Lauren goes into her weekend collection one more time with her Pull-On Knit Leggings that are cozier and warmer than any other leggings, Madewell has loungewear too with their Maybe Later Mainstay Sweatshirt representing the Sunday crowd, and Eberjoy finishes out with Winter Heather The Cropped Pant for lovers of yummy mustard yellow.

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