Lauren Conrad’s Friendsgiving with The Edit



We Could Taste The Bird Already

One of the benefits to the drawbacks of Halloween falling on a Wednesday every 6 to 11 years is that Thanksgiving Day falls on the earliest date possible, November 22nd, so we’re more excited since it’s only 13 days away, Lauren Conrad starts the edit today with the dinner.

Technically, it’s Friendsgiving Lauren stresses upon, gathering your BFF’s at one table each year mainly right before you go away to see your folks for Thanksgiving, Lauren has a California Friendsgiving via The Shift Creative with pink florals, metallic gold glassware, and the glorious food that goes along with it.

Whether it’s out to work, or out to anywhere but work, Lauren also finds a Halogen Faux Leather Pencil Skirt from The Little Market, showing off its classiness, and don’t forget the chic found in this perfect sexy skirt which matches up to real leather anyday.

Lauren also seeks out useful desktop and mobile wallpaper that ‘Be a Nice Human’ Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper via Brit + Co., giving those hard nosed, hard drinking, judgmental, and even the nicest person a reminder to always hold to the credo of treating people the way you want to be treated.

This week’s edit seeks out more finds like Dear Ankle Boots from LC Lauren Conrad, a trilogy of the “Crazy Rich Asians”, a music video that’s “Quiet” by MILCK, Yard Dog collars and small leashes, skin cream, self care for the feminine, and The Little Market Curated Gift Bag Tote.

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